Ivylands Bakery

let's get this bread


Hello! If you are here, that means you may be in need of help. We are not an actual bakery, but instead, a fake one to help you escape your situation. Whenever you call or text us at (609) 256-6938, we will be able to keep track of what's going on. You can text us whatever you want, and when you send us a text, our number will call you back immediately.

When you pick up our call, you will be put "on hold" with a customer service representative (who is actually an automated voice). While you are waiting, the entirety of your call will be recorded. (Note that if you live in a state where "Two-Party Consent Laws" exist for phone call recordings, we will not be able to call you.)

The recording will end once your call ends. After the recording ends, it will be stored in a secure database and can be sent to authorities if needed.